It's Time To Stop Risking Everything You Work So Hard For.

Take your WP Security seriously, before a lack of security takes you. Seriously.

Get Advanced Protection That Never Sleeps.
So That You Can.

Shopper Safe Powerful Scanners

Our Exclusive Vulnerability Scanner does all the hard work, letting you get on with your own work.

Our scanner will alert you to vulnerable plugins and themes and automatically upgrade them for you.

Instantly Expand Your Team with Shopper Safe's Own Security Experts

Bring the expertise of our Shopper Safe Support Team alongside yours.

You will be given documentation ready for you, and further guidance is just an email away any time you need it.

We Keep Your Plugins Safe From Tampering

The exclusive Plugins/Themes scanner will detect all changes to your files at any time, day or night.

Shopper Safe lets you to instantly re-install suspect plugins using guided wizards that make recovery easy.

Never be surprised again by plugin hacks that go unnoticed for months.

Discover Intrusions As They Happen

The longer an intrusion remains undetected, the greater the potential for harm.

Half the battle in a security breach is knowing about it. If you wait 24hrs before you’re alerted, it’s probably already too late.

Shopper Safe can increase frequency to scan your files as often as every hour, with near-realtime scanning coming soon.

Easy Automatic Setup Of New Sites With Options Import/Export

Setting up new WordPress sites from scratch is a time-consuming task.

With Shopper Safe, you can import options from any other site in just a few seconds. Spend less time securing your sites, and more time building them.

It's not all about you, it's about your customers and visitors too.

Shopper Safe works seamlessly with WooCommerce & other 3rd party plugins, lending greater confidence to your customers.


Plugins/Themes Vulnerability Scanner

Instant alerts to vulnerabilities on your sites (+ automated updates)

Professional Password Policies

Ensure all users employ strong passwords

Plugins and Themes Guard

Catch secret changes tucked away inside your plugin files

More Frequent File Scanning Up To 1 Hour

Catch intrusions before real damage is done

Unlimited audit trail

Review site activity as far back as you need

Advanced Options for Two-Factor Authentication

Add our dedicated security team to yours

Import/Export Options Between Sites

Setup new sites on Shopper Safe even faster

Protection for 3rd Party Services

Improve protection for both you and your customers

WordPress Multi-Site Support

Improved features and handling for multi-sites